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Inspiration from Anywhere….J.CREW for Paperless Post!

jcrew2 jcrew

Via Paperless Post

I’m not sure if I am late to the party or just completely missed the invitation, but J.CREW for Paperless Post?!?! I’m obsessed.  These cards are everything!  It’s been crazy to watch Paperless Post evolve to where it is now, they’re definitely in my top 5 favorite brands. Their online cards and invites are stellar, I don’t even know what an Evite is anymore (RIP).  Sorry friends, I hope you’re all looking forward to actual paper, Paperless Posts from me this holiday season. PLEASE tell me celeb endorsed lines are next. Lauren Conrad I’m looking at you.

XO. klb

Inspiration from Anywhere…On the list!

invites invites2

Your invitation is your wedding’s first impression. It sets the tone for what your guests assume your wedding is going to be; Traditional? Colorful? Campy? Whimsical? Invitation suites can be made out of almost anything, wood, fabric, paper, even something natural and organic. The options are endless and full of fun.  I pulled some of my favorite invites off Pinterest. No matter what, make sure you invite has a little of your personality in it. This wedding is about you and that’s the defining factor!

XO. klb

Inspiration from Anywhere….Calligraphy!


Via Perch Paper Company

Getting a wedding invitation suite in the mail is the equivalent to getting a gorgeously wrapped present sent to my door step.  When I get a closer look and see that there is impeccable calligraphy on the outside envelope I know I am in for a real snack for my eyes!  This small detail sets  a tone for your invitations which in turn sets the stage for your big day.  Calligraphy from ancient Greek translates to kallos (beauty) and graphe (beauty), the Greeks couldn’t have gotten it more correct.  There are many, many styles of calligraphy and they have all made a huge comeback with signage, lettering and invitations.  Some of my favorite types of calligraphy are the more modern and whimsical ones that seem to take up all the space on the envelope and are almost never in a straight line but still so beautiful, effortless and organized. This isn’t just lettering this is straight art, I still have my escort card that was handwritten in calligraphy from a wedding over 2 years ago.  So consider your invitation envelope as your wedding’s debut, remember, first impressions are always most important.

XO. klb

Inspiration from Anywhere…Paper from Ruth + Joe’s Wedding!


paper paper2 paper3 paper4 paper5

Paper is one of the most important parts of a wedding’s design scheme. It can add personality, a splash or color or pattern to your big day.  Ruth and Joe’s paper was flawless!  The table names by Kristen Henderson Calligraphy was at the top of my favorite parts of this wedding!  I love the sentiment behind the numbers and the gorgeous calligraphy that finishes off the look. The Tie That Binds completely hit it out of the party with this clean, modern and fun paper design. It is such a perfect pairing with the bright florals.  I always approve of a golden touch, which I adored seeing with the gold band with greek key accents to hold the suite together. Pure design genius!

XO. klb


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