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Inspiration from Anywhere….DIY Embroidered Picnic Blanket!


via Lovely Indeed

Getting a picnic blanket and catching a movie outside during the summer is one of my favorite things to do ever. It’s up there with looking at Christmas lights, basically it’s THE activity of Summer in my world.  I need a great set up, that’s worthy of an instagram, if I’m going to commit to this, so this DIY Embroidered Picnic Blanket from was perfection for me.  Side note, I think these would also make incredible birthday gifts or shower gifts! Maybe embroider Happy Ever After on there? I’m seeing endless possibilities.

XO. klb

Inspiration from Anywhere….Etsy Finds!


via KhristianAHowell, Mackenzie & Madilyn, IndigoMoonLovePencil Shavings StudioShop Always Rooney

Etsy is literally a shoppers paradise.  There is no lengths to what you can find there and what creative makers you’ll stumble upon.  This week I’ve found myself spending an obscene amount of time roaming the shops of Etsy, even more time than usual which is normally already insane. Etsy is right up there with any social media site I might frequent. I stalk these makers in the same way I find myself on a person’s (strangers) Facebook page who I have never met, never seen and admittedly forget how I even got there. So I thought I should at least share my finds, here are some of my favorite gems I’ve come across this week.

XO. klb

Inspiration from Anywhere…BOXFOX!




In a world full of viral Youtube proposals, Pinterest and Instagram no one just simply asks someone to be in their wedding anymore, you better come prepared.  That already sounds overwhelming right???  Well, let me introduce you to BOXFOX, a company that does all the hard work for you and you reap the creative benefits.  You simply go on their website and purchase the “Be My Brideside” box and have it sent to your lucky maid or better yet sent to you to hand deliver to her.  If you want to go that extra creative mile, you can even build your own Bridesmaid BOXFOX. Wow, life just got so easy. Take that Pinterest.

XO. klb

Inspiration from Anywhere…Heartstagram!




via Framebridge

There are few things I love more than Instagram and hearts so when Framebridge combined both as a Valentine’s Day special  my life was pretty much made. Heartstagrams would be the perfect unexpected addition to my office gallery wall. They’d also be the sweetest surprise for a friend! Sneaking on their Insta, choosing their best filtered photo and having it created into a Heartstagram. Mission accomplished, best gift ever.

XO. klb

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