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Coffee Talk Monday…DIY Decorated Terra Cotta Pots!


via wedding chicks & Audra Wrisley

For this project you will need
1. terra cotta pots
2. succulents
3.Elmer’s Glue
4. decorative paper
5. acrylic paint
6. gold and copper
7. glazes for leafing
not shown (paint brush and scissors and washi tape)
You can purchase the pots, paint, glue, gold/copper leaf kit and a few extra packs of just the gold/copper leaf at Michael’s, the succulents at Home Depot and the gorgeous fabric-paper at World Market.


Gold Leafing Technique:

Step 1: Began by creating a simple design on her pot using the washi tape.

Step 2: Then prepped the area of the pot  wanted to apply the gold leaf with adhesive from her gold/copper leaf kit. Chose to give her pot a textured, vintage look by not being too specific about painting the area in entirety.

Step 3: Then began applying the gold leaf. Once the main areas of the sheet of gold leaf are adhered to the pot brush off any extra crumbles of gold leaf. Tip : These sheets are extremely delicate and will break, tear or stick to your hands if you’re not careful! I chose to apply these sheets imperfectly for this look, instead of going with a opaque gold effect.

Step 4: Next, cover the gold leafed area of the pot with the sealant from the gold/copper leaf kit, then let it dry.

Step 5: The final step is to remove the tape. Tips: For a more uniform sheen, I would recommend sealing the whole pot after removing the tape.

Coffee Talk Monday…DIY Gold Chandelier!

diy-gold-fringe-chandelier-1 diy-gold-fringe-chandelier-4

via 100layercake 


I dunno about you ladies but I love anything with glitter gold and shiny! So when I saw these chandelier fell in love! What a fun and easy DIY! Thanks to the fab ladies at 100layercake for sharing. We just adore this idea!

DIY Gold Chandelier


- 12″ + 3″  Gold Ring you can purchase at Joanne Fabrics
- 8′ Gold foil fringe from Party City
- Gold foil paper from Michael’s
- Heart hole punch from Michael’s
- Hot glue gun
- Fishing line


Step 1: Roll out your gold foil fringe and cut about an 1 1/2 inch off the top. This way you’re left with about an inch to wrap around the gold ring.
Step 2: Hot glue the foil to your ring. Really smooth it around because your fringe will just fit all the way around the ring.
Step 3: To make things a little easier go ahead and add your fishing line to the 4 corners of your ring and tie to your 3″ ring, which will act as a hook. This way you can work with the fringe to create the desired length for your chandelier.
Step 4: Once you have the desired length, take fishing line and tie a knot.Pull the knot up through the center of the chandelier and tie off on your 3″ ring. Cut extra fringe to desired length as seen below.

Wedding Wednesday…Love Letters!


Maybe I’ve seen too many Lifetime movies or a few too many war documentaries with lost love letters, but those stories always warm my heart.  So perhaps for Valentine’s Day, instead of a Hallmark greeting, we should write a love letter. In our techy lives, actually writing a letter on paper is a lost art.   A love letter is tangible.  It can be cherished forever and read over and over again.  It also means the writer has to sit down and actually take pen in hand, and maybe throw a draft or 2 away.  It also makes the lover actually think hard about their words (and not use the default thesaurus) and not just tap, tap away.  So this Valentine’s Day, write a letter or tell your loved one that’s what you’d like (along with the thoughtful gift!)

Coffee Talk Monday…Evergreen Stars!

Martha has done it again! We are always on the search for something fun and different for the holidays! I dunno about you, but I just love this super fun easy DIY from Martha Stewart! See details below on how to make Evergreen Stars!


Basswood strips, 1/4 inches by 1/2 inches by 24 inches, by Midwest Basswood,


  • 10 basswood strips (24 inches each) per 36-inch star
  • Craft knife or mini saw
  • Wood glue
  • Cut greens, such as rosemary, cedar, juniper, and boxwood
  • Hot-glue gun
  • Evergreen Wreath template



Cut wood strips in half to create twenty 12-inch strips.


Print the Evergreen Wreath template. Using template as a guide, create the base form: Cross 2 strips together and glue with wood glue. Cross and glue a second pair the same way, then glue the second pair to the first to form a base with 8 spokes. Let dry.


Create the star points: Arrange a pair of strips into a V shape. Glue the star point ends together, then glue the opposite ends to the base tips (alternating the overlapping, as shown).


Continue gluing the wooden strip points around the base until you have 8 star points.


Cut your greenery into pieces the same lengths as the sections of the wooden strips (or use shorter or longer pieces of greenery as necessary).


Hot-glue the cut greenery to the sticks.

Enjoy! xo,Caitlin

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