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Wedding Wednesday: Watercolor Love!


One of the most popular wedding trends in 2014 is watercolor, from wedding invites to cakes and everything in between, and I for one am LOVING it.  Watercolor details just seem to overflow with romance, whimsy and gorgeous color. One of the best things about this trend is that it can fit into almost any theme, from rustic with lighter, more romantic colors to modern using brighter colors paired with black and white details.  This trend is sure to find it’s place in future wedding seasons.


Tuesday Shoesday…Loeffler Randall!!!


How about a little whimsy for your feet this summer in the form of these Starla Plank Loeffler Randall sandals?!? I saw these and instantly saw stars, literally and figuratively.  Nothing will beat the summer heat better than these paired with a colorful shift dress or shorts and bright colored polished toes.  This is definitely on our summer hit list.


Coffee Talk Monday…DIY Decorated Terra Cotta Pots!


via wedding chicks & Audra Wrisley

For this project you will need
1. terra cotta pots
2. succulents
3.Elmer’s Glue
4. decorative paper
5. acrylic paint
6. gold and copper
7. glazes for leafing
not shown (paint brush and scissors and washi tape)
You can purchase the pots, paint, glue, gold/copper leaf kit and a few extra packs of just the gold/copper leaf at Michael’s, the succulents at Home Depot and the gorgeous fabric-paper at World Market.


Gold Leafing Technique:

Step 1: Began by creating a simple design on her pot using the washi tape.

Step 2: Then prepped the area of the pot  wanted to apply the gold leaf with adhesive from her gold/copper leaf kit. Chose to give her pot a textured, vintage look by not being too specific about painting the area in entirety.

Step 3: Then began applying the gold leaf. Once the main areas of the sheet of gold leaf are adhered to the pot brush off any extra crumbles of gold leaf. Tip : These sheets are extremely delicate and will break, tear or stick to your hands if you’re not careful! I chose to apply these sheets imperfectly for this look, instead of going with a opaque gold effect.

Step 4: Next, cover the gold leafed area of the pot with the sealant from the gold/copper leaf kit, then let it dry.

Step 5: The final step is to remove the tape. Tips: For a more uniform sheen, I would recommend sealing the whole pot after removing the tape.

Friday Wine Tasting…Heartland Stickleback Red!


Wine of the Week: 

2010 Heartland Stickleback Red


Winemaker’s Notes:

This friendly, medium-bodied red highlights the best of each varietal – Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz give the wine a rich savory character and structure, the Dolcetto lends brightness and lift and the Lagrein contributes spice, tannins and fresh, crisp acids. The grapes were fermented on their skins for five days before a cool fermentation in two and three-year-old oak barrels. The wine displays attractive and fragrant notes of black cherries, sweet plums and blackcurrants, followed by hints of chocolate and nutmeg.

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