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Coffee Talk Monday…DIY Gold Chandelier!

diy-gold-fringe-chandelier-1 diy-gold-fringe-chandelier-4

via 100layercake 


I dunno about you ladies but I love anything with glitter gold and shiny! So when I saw these chandelier fell in love! What a fun and easy DIY! Thanks to the fab ladies at 100layercake for sharing. We just adore this idea!

DIY Gold Chandelier


– 12″ + 3″  Gold Ring you can purchase at Joanne Fabrics
– 8′ Gold foil fringe from Party City
– Gold foil paper from Michael’s
– Heart hole punch from Michael’s
– Hot glue gun
– Fishing line


Step 1: Roll out your gold foil fringe and cut about an 1 1/2 inch off the top. This way you’re left with about an inch to wrap around the gold ring.
Step 2: Hot glue the foil to your ring. Really smooth it around because your fringe will just fit all the way around the ring.
Step 3: To make things a little easier go ahead and add your fishing line to the 4 corners of your ring and tie to your 3″ ring, which will act as a hook. This way you can work with the fringe to create the desired length for your chandelier.
Step 4: Once you have the desired length, take fishing line and tie a knot.Pull the knot up through the center of the chandelier and tie off on your 3″ ring. Cut extra fringe to desired length as seen below.

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