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Inspiration from Anywhere… Bar Carts


I’ve seen bar cart inspiration all over the place lately and I must admit, I’ve jumped on the bandwagon. I’m in the middle of decorating our new dining room and need some inspiration for a bar cart that is classy enough to last throughout the seasons and my ever changing decor mood swings. I keep going back and forth between housing my pretty liquor bottles on a tray on top of a buffet versus breaking down and rehabing an old bar cart. What do you guys think? I do love the versatility of some of the carts out there and I love the fact that there is room to store glasses and other drink accessories. I also think it looks nice! This would be such a fun idea for a rehearsal dinner or even a wedding! Wouldn’t it be fun to have someone strolling around with the bar cart throughout a party, mixing and slinging cocktails? Or maybe I can just employ someone to do that in my dining room on a regular basis? :)

xoxo, Laura

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