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Inspiration from Anywhere… Cider & Doughnuts



Alrighty, folks, I’m officially on the Autumn train. You got me. I resisted for as long as I could but with yesterday’s weather and the frost last night, I am finally putting my flip flops away and pulling on my knee high boots. Welcome Fall! You have my full attention. What’s that? You want me to cozy up with some hot mulled cider and freshly made doughnuts? Oh, alright. Listen up, you lucky Fall brides: If you opt to have a cider and doughnut bar at your wedding, you may just see me trying to sneak in to do some damage. Can you blame me? Cider and doughnuts is to Fall as strawberry shortcake and lemonade is to Summer. And just like you and your lucky bride/groom, it’s a match made in heaven!

xo, Laura

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