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Coffee Talk Monday… Why I run

For those of you that know me and follow me on facebook and twitter know that when I am not working I am usually running.  I wrote this a few years ago as I was training for the Outerbanks marathon which are all the reasons why I used to run.

There are many reasons why I run. I love the freedom of the open road. I love the clarity and silence I find in myself by the end of a long run. I love exploring new places and discovering beauty in unexpected spots. I love it because I can push myself as hard as possible, drag my feet on days I’m tired, or just run without a thought about my pace. On bad days, running is always there for me. On lonely days, running is a good friend. On beautiful, sunny days, I can’t imagine a better way to enjoy the afternoon.  Even in the middle of winter, the brisk air fills me with life.

On Saturday while I was running my 14 miles, on one of the most gorgeous Fall days you could get, I found myself wondering why I was doing this.  For the first time in 5 years I can’t remember why I love to run.  It has become something I have to do rather than something that I want to do.  With every stride I feel aches and pains of over training more than the clarity I used to get from being on the open road.  Remembering why I run is something that has become a top priority for me, with just 26 days until sister and I run the NYC marathon (my dream event years before I could even run 5 miles) I am hoping to refocus, recharge, and gear up for a day I have waited for since I watched my first NYC marathon almost 8 years ago.

This year has just flown by and as we wrap up another amazing wedding season, I am excited to slow down a bit and find time in enjoying the things that I love the most. Happy Monday Everyone!

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running the NY marathon was a life changing event for me. like you i felt the aches and pains of marathon running but i knew i could do it, and with friends sporadically placed along the route, their cheers were just what i needed when i started to hit the wall. not only friends though, because the thousands of other people cheering me on through the race warmed my heart – of course they were all yelling “jack-in” – but it was ok – i knew they meant me :) make sure to wear your name on the front of your shirt so people can push you along too! you ladies are going to be amazing!!

(PS – the goo that they give you at mile 13 has caffeine in it, so if you haven’t been training with caffeine (the goo i used was just carbs/electrolytes, etc) pass on it!