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Coffee Talk Monday… Sneak Peak at the Winemaker’s Dinner

While everyone is buzzing this morning about their top picks from the Oscar’s last night, I thought I would leave it to them to recap the best and worst in fashion and share with you all a few teaser pics from the Winemaker’s dinner at Jonathan Edward’s Winery on Saturday night.  We can’t wait to share with you a full recap of the event this week but for now on this rainy Monday, as I am still dreaming of being on the beaches of Puerto Rico, I’ll leave you with a little sunshine to start the week.

Paper Moss

Hana Floral Design
** Photos by Anna Sawin Photography**

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brit @ landlocked bride says:

Ooh. What are those yellow guys? Spider-y ish mums? Love that touch of pink on the ends.

Paloma says:

those flowers are dynamite and i am really loving those linens too! i can't wait to see more!

Erin @ ChattyBrides says:

I love the pattern on this linen, it brings all the pieces together so perfectly! Can't wait to see more :)